Nonsense Man

by Zak & What Army?

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This is my anthem of freedom & the ultimate truth: that existence & the nature of the cosmos is absurd... in nature...


I am a nonsense man
living in the kitchen with the pots and pans
We are the nonsense men
swimming in the desert with the scorpions
I am a nonsense man
I live in the garbage with the trash and cans
We are the nonsense men
skipping through the forest with a swede named Sven

I am a nonsense man
I owe the government about a thousand grand
living in a mitten where the shit doth slam
into the goddamn ceiling
& I have a wrist watch cam
tell me what is this and can it stitch my pants
ripping little children from their grandmas hands
& jigging with a kitten in a crip walk jam
I know a kid named Stan
who sits with the women in a switch lock stance
sifting thru the linens when I dick box cats
this shit isn’t making any sense
well thats
I have a fucked up brain
playing skittle cricket with a brit named Shane
ain’t no rhyme or reason for the pricks I’ve slain
so get up on the motherfucking nonsense train yo

you were born on a big blue sphere
with the men and the mice and bears
you began to behave like norm
and you sat in the asshole chair
but the truth would resound in time
that the bears weren’t on our side
so I went on a nonsense quest
that began on the night I declared
in jest that
I am a nonsense man
I don’t want to listen the white man sam
I don’t even it when our kite paths jam
I just want to save the world with hop scotch paths
& pots & clay
is that so strange
am I the only person in the world thats sane???
can’t you see they want you to be numb & tame?
I’m just saying, you should loosen up OK?

I am a nonsense man
tripping in the ocean with the sharks & clams
never really giving any shits or damns
if you have a problem with the goddamn fact that
this is a nonsense world
& every bunny in it is a man boy girl
if you take it serious then YOUR messed up
so grow a sense of humor or you will get fucked

in the middle of the woods
these kids are crazy

(you can figure out the rest)


released August 1, 2012
Prodcued by Andre Heissman



all rights reserved


Zak & What Army? Detroit, Michigan

Zak & What Army? can be summarized as an intergalactic effort to gently but loudly announce to humanity that our species has entered an age of recreation, absurdity & bliss. Zak is a carefully crafted formula of equal parts rapper, ranter, and stand up comic. His ever evolving stage shows & guerrilla performances have made him a beloved character at festivals across the U.S. ... more

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