by Zak & What Army?

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First of all, thank you for listening & I Love you all just for existing!

THANK YOU & I LOVE YOU to all who help share this message!
You are one of relatively few people that knows this exists..
"Zak & What Army?" is currently an unsigned, unfunded, rather unknown local project that lives in it's parents basement (me).. So any sharing is IMMENSELY appreciated because the only way my stuff gets spread around right now is by people like you directly showing it to others that you think that may be perceptive to such nonsense.


From the minute it spit us into existence the mission was intuition from pixels to vivid images
isn't it such a trip just how simple it is to get it submission to what we knew from the start (straight from the heart yo)
this heart show & glows with raw soul the roads we all know when drove dissolve nodes
though those we call foes oppose a strong flow their modes have grown cold & fold to old tomes
the poems we write broker truth but night soldiers on though light knows it's place amongst shadow
& I don't know any better time but now for everything to be nothing or the other way around

In the silence you'll find that there's time to think
as you sigh from the grind & ignite your link
know this
that even when you're worlds away from me
there is a moment where it's always safe to be
in your cave where the waves never crash & spill
there's a place in the fray where it's calm & still
phone in
remember that you'll only wake to dream
it's always snowing & you're always safe with me

at the beginning I had a singular mission & actually thought the vision was given to ME to iterate
like : "listen wait people cuz bliss awaits yo & this is way more fucking important than anything that you'll contemplate"
you learn a little at first then become a vacuum
I used to think that before me it was a black tomb
I see the mirror & wonder in it if that's you
cuz we were born with quite similar tattoos
in actuality actually it's debatable that taps soothe anything that's biodegradable
but death don't give me the willies it gives us energy to gather up these silly credentials until the death of me
so I can give a breathe at least
to the ever relevant evidence emphasizing my empathy
& if I get a minute left to sleep
that's just another moment linked to forever's infinite infantry

When you fall & it all seems false & bleak
as you crawl to your loft to convulse to sleep
know this
that even when you're worlds away from warmth
we got each other & that's all this place is for
in the cloud there's an answer to all you seek
but the dancer is often to far to reach
phone in
remember that you'll only wake to see
it's always snowing & you're always safe to dream

copter & watches, clocks are obnoxious
can it be odometers are clocks for the watchless
I perceive chronology as optional watch this
fuck the whole endeavor I sever myself from all of it
innocuous I try to be but I believe in nothing
but love & the act of shuffling goallessly through the multiverse
holy jesus the altar burns heavenly in the desert
but whether is unpredictable as hell where I'm from too
& there's the depth of my intel til' I'm sand too
to an extent I said it best when I had you
though I remember full
this is too keep it visceral
distance can keep us ignorant but my mission is masterful
I look at the expanse in full
& you're the only being in it I'll be with in it til' lapse of goals
so long as we're attached when thrown
it matters little where we catapult randomly whizzing as one soul...


released January 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Zak & What Army? Detroit, Michigan

Zak & What Army? can be summarized as an intergalactic effort to gently but loudly announce to humanity that our species has entered an age of recreation, absurdity & bliss. Zak is a carefully crafted formula of equal parts rapper, ranter, and stand up comic. His ever evolving stage shows & guerrilla performances have made him a beloved character at festivals across the U.S. ... more

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